How can a nutritional supplement be a wholefood?

Wholefoods are just that right? The WHOLE food. At Vita-sol if we produce a supplement with a complete nutritional profile, that is good lipids or fats, fibre, protein and carbohydrates, we classify this as a wholefood. Any "extract" we use still has the profile of a wholefood, we do not use isolated actives.

All our powders are extracted from natural sources using gentle extraction processes, not synthetic replicas.

Can I mix the Wholefood Powders together?

Yes, Infinity, Flexibility and Purity can be mixed together to form you own super blend. However remember the products have been blended for specific dietary concerns and functions, whilst mixing them won’t lessen the effect you may end up taking additional nutrients. Those with sensitivity stomachs should be careful with taking up double the dose of the sprout blends (Flexibility and Purity). 

We do suggest taking the wholefood powders 3 hours apart. Remember natural wholefood supplements are only part of the solution to a happy healthy life. 

Are all Vita-sol products certified organic?

Due the presence of algae extract in some wholefood blends, not all of our products can be certified organic. We do however, only use organic fruits and vegetables in all of our products.

Are Vita-sol wholefood powders suitable to take during pregnancy and lactation?

As a food mix these are all foods that can be taken during pregnancy and lactation,
but always check with your health care practitioner first.

Does it matter what time of day Vita-sol wholefood powders are taken?

Typically, at the beginning of the day is best so the wholefood powder can be assimilated and digested into the body while it is active.

What is the extraction process used to extract the nutrients?

Gentle extraction using naturally derived solvents (eg water) ensuring no isolated components are extracted and that all the active components are intact.