Ultra Omega Plus For Skin


Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants to support skin integrity, elasticity and hydration.

Ultra Omega Plus For Skin is a daily support for skin integrity, elasticity and hydration with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Every capsule contains a blend of concentrated omega 3 EPA/DHA fish triglycerides, Plant omegas, polyphenols, carotenoids and antioxidants from sea buckthorn and astaxanthin.

Ultra Omega Plus For Skin contains the highest quality fish oil sustainably sourced from Norwegian wild caught sardines and anchovies. We use molecular distillation to ensure a gentle yet effective purification process to ensure the highest quality fish oil free from contaminants. Our fish oil is independently third party certified by FOS and IFFO for sustainability and quality.

The Benefits of Ultra Omega Plus For Skin

- Antioxidants to help reduce free radical formation in the body
- Maintains and supports general health and wellbeing
- Soothe and relieve skin inflammation
- Maintains and supports skin hydration and elasticity
- Supports skin integrity and structure

Per recommended dose of 3 soft capsules* (90 per pack):
Astaxanthin 6 mg* / Concentrated fish omega 3 Triglycerides 1,800 mg* / Sea Buckthorn 300 mg* 

Per soft capsule:
Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides fruit ext. soft
conc. 100 mg) equiv. fresh fruit 7.4 g.
Astaxanthin esters extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis 20 mg
equiv. Astaxanthin 2 mg.
Concentrated Fish Omega-3 triglycerides 600 mg.

AUST L 387005.

Ultra Omega Plus For Skin should be enjoyed daily for best results. For adults, take three oral capsules daily or as professionally prescribed.

Warnings: Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Supplements can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Contains fish products and sulfites. Do not use if cap seal is broken.

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Promotes glowing, gorgeous skin … a must in your daily routine

Thanks Vivian!

Highest quality omega supplement for the skin on the market

VITA-SOL ULTRA OMEGA is the highest quality omega supplement for the skin on the market and is a product we stock and have used for over 18 months now and KNOW the difference it makes in dry, dehydrated, sensitive, sensitised and red skins.


At VITA-SOL we believe in an integrative approach to skin care. Nourishing the body with nutrient dense indredients to assist cell integrity, hydration and antioxidant support is the foundation to a healthy gut and radiant skin.


Sustainably Sourced

At VITA-SOL we use the highest quality, sustainably sourced fish oil from wild caught sardines and anchovies that is third party certified by FOS (Friends of the Sea) and IFFO, the leading global standard in the certification of marine ingredients.

Gentle Extraction

Our superior extraction process maintains efficacy and our products are heavy metal and stability tested to ensure we provide the highest quality omega supplement available.

Concentrated Fish Omega Triglycerides EPA/DHA

Omega 3 long chain PUFA including EPA and DHA are dietary fats with an array of health benefits.

Astaxanthin (from Haematococcus Pluvialis)

Haematococcus Pluvialis is a bright red algae and one of the richest sources of natural astaxanthin, a potent xanthophyll carotenoid. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.


Seabuckthorn is a yellow fruit rich in phytochemicals, polyphenols, and fatty acids.

Ultra Omega Plus For Skin Benefits

Antioxidant/Reduces free radicals formed in the body
Maintains/supports general health and wellbeing
Anti-inflammatory/relieve inflammation
Soothes/relieves skin inflammation
Maintains/supports skin health
Maintains/supports skin hydration
Maintains/supports skin elasticity
Maintains/supports skin integrity/structure